"I actually made an "arrangement" myveryownself in my little whatchacallit!  And it looks beautiful!  I love that thing!  You do SUCH GREAT WORK, hunny!"

    HRH Sweet Potato Queen Jill Conner Browne


On my desk. I love it.    

   Linda C., Canton, MS


"I received an Ikebana as a gift from my daughter when she was at Delta State. I love keeping it by my sink all year with something that makes me smile! My older daughter was married this year and I gave one to the grandmother of the groom when she came from Israel. One of her cousins from London was visiting Israel and loved it and asked for one as well!! So we have helped distribute world wide!!  It is fun to share something special from MS!!"                                                                                                                

   Dottie, Madison, MS


I sent my sister in Marietta, PA, this starfish a few years ago. She has it hanging in her kitchen at all times.

   Cindy D., Brandon, MS

I just opened the box containing the coasters with the "OLD COTTON FIELDS" PICTURES GLAZED ON THEM. They are really great! Thanks for sending. You are a very talented and creative artist. I would recommend these to anybody who grew up in the Mississippi Delta. It will be great conversation item too.

Mary Lou F., Abita Springs, LA


Love my mug!

Leigh Anne A., Mississippi


A lovely berry bowl...made by Jonni Webb's hands, purchased at Madison Marketplace by NancyKay Wessman as a most special birthday gift. I'm blessed to have such talented and loving friends.

Susan M., Madison, MS


With a JRWebb Pottery ikebana you can always enjoy an arrangement from your own yard in less than 5 minutes! I've had mine for over 7 years now!

Jennifer C., Madison, MS
Hi Jonni,
I am a friend of Brownie's and she has raved about your work for years. And...now I can rave, too. She sent me a brie baker and I LOVE it. It was a table staple on New Year's Eve and since. It is so pretty and then, with the addition of Chef Tom's brie en croute...well, I am a happy girl!!! 
The baker is too pretty to put away, so it is in a prominent place in my dining room.  
Brownie also sent two little birds with "frogs" in them. HOW CUTE!! They are on my kitchen ledge and they make me smile when I see them.
Thank you for your creativity!!!!!