Soap Dish - Organic Series

Soap Dish - Organic Series

This is part of my new Organic Series. It is hand-crafted from a slab, irregular shaped and no two will ever be exactly alike. I made each piece with an oval of clay that is hand-formed and worked over a river rock, adding texture and shape. Each piece is a Work of Art!

It's a multi-use little piece... All the glazes are food-safe so it's a great little server for pickles, olives, dips or sauces. It'll be "gawgeous" on your dresser with pocket change or jewelry. And, just think....how perfect it will look with a fragrant french-milled soap in your guest bath! (You'll be lucky if it is doesn't disappear with your guests when they go home!)

Soap Dishes are available in Earth-tone Multi, Molten Lava and Western Sky. Yours will have the exact glaze combination but each will vary slightly from the firing and application... They are approximately 7" long, 4" wide and 1 1/2" tall.

All the glazes are food-safe, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.
***Never put a piece of hand-made pottery in a pre-heated oven. Let it heat up with the oven.***

Great hand-made gift or a nice addition to your own cupboard! And, it's made with much love...by me!

Please allow up to 10 days. I keep them in process, but don't always have finished products ready to ship. Thanks!