Ikebana - 4" square

Ikebana - 4" square

The Ikebana has been a favorite of customers for many years. This 4" square flower holder is decorated with stamps I've made from clay over the years. I attach a bowl (all one finished piece) to the bottom and glue in a pinfrog to hold up the flower stems. It's easy to make arrangments and it fits in a kitchen window, bathroom, guest bedside table or desk just perfectly! They look pretty with a single flower or a selections of colors and textures...whatever is blooming in the yard. And during the holidays, holly with red berries is gorgeous in them... Fill bowl with water daily to keep the flowers fresh for several days!  

A card explaining what they are will accompany your order.

Available currently in Earth-tone Multi, Molten Lava, Western Sky or Rich Cola

(If you are looking for a specific color or color combination, please email me at the Contact Me page with your custom requests.)

About Ikebana: The Japanese art of flower arranging has been practiced for more than 600 years. These hand-made flower holders are our own unique version. Flowers, branches, leaves, seed pods or anything you find in your own yard may be used to create a visual piece of art.