Seed Bombs To Beautify Our World

Seed Bombs To Beautify Our World

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are made with Mississippi clay for binding, worm castings for fertilizer, chili powder for pesticide and seeds. Each package contains 8 or 9 seed bombs to plant either in pots or the garden/yard. Fun to plant in bare areas of your neighborhood to add a little color! 

Seed bombs currently available: Zinnia Mix, Mexican Sunflower, Indian Blanket, Black-Eyed Susan mix and Sweet Basil. Please choose an option above when ordering.

They come with the poem below for planting instructions...

Press them just below the surface in your yard or pot...
Put them out around your neighborhood in a
     barren spot.
Water them well and wait for them to sprout...
That's what little seed bombs are all about!

Look for us on Facebook, too!   These are great for wedding or party favors... if interested, just email me or message me on Facebook for details!